Hi, my name's Deb or Dbo (pronounced dee-bo).
Thank you for being here. I welcome you on my humble website.

As you may already have understood, I make jewelry. It's not a hobby, it's my actual job. For 3 years now, I have been working for an online handmade Etsy shop as an assistant (and still am). While I do love my job, I feel like I am not challenged enough by it. So I decided to work on personal projects and get better.

I'm actually working on a collection of mini-sculptures that have the particularity to be made on the same square size tile. I was inspired by miniatures in dungeons and dragons type of games. Since the tile is 1.5 cm large, it makes sculpting that small quite a challenge.

This website's goal is to be kind of a center of all the platforms and social medias I post on. It's with your help, encouragement and comments that I can become better.
- Dbo

Last updates:

Not today - August 21, 2017. 23:45AM

*Personal rant here, not that interesting*
Well I did say (in the first entry) that I wanted to be able to work in my workshop everyday for at least an hour for my own personal work and I have to write down whenever I have to use an excuse to get out of that work. Technically I did...(read more)

Productive night - August 21, 2017. 4:09AM

I've had one of these freezing week after two week of huge workload. I am trying today to get back up in motion and it ended up with drawing ideas at 3 in the morning. But I am pretty happy about what came up! First of all, I am sorry for the crappy image. It is 3.50 AM right now and I can't risk waking the boyfriend by using the scanner...(read more)

For the huge fans of Instagram out there, here's the link to mine. You can easily keep posted on my updates by following my account (and there is always a nice picture with it). Know when I am streaming, when I upload a new video, put a new item on the shop or whenever I want to give ou some news.

Well, I do like to make jewelry, but I do have to sell some at some point. You like what you see me post and want one for yourself ? Please come here on my Etsy shop. I hope you find the perfect piece.

Twitch is a streaming platform. This mean that you can watch me in real-time while I am working in my workshop. There is also a chat on the side so you can talk to me and ask questions while I work. I will try to answer as best as I can but if I'm in my workshop, I do have to work at some point. EDIT: I will be using stream at some point, but not for now.

Since I can't keep videos on twitch forever, I am editing the registered stream, keeping the most interesting parts to post them as a video on YouTube. Then I can keep the content forever!

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