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Ok, so this is where I rant but mostly where I keep track of my day-to-day achievements. As I want to evolve as a jeweler but also as an artist this is going to be where you can follow what new stuff is happening. Exciting stuff should be coming!

Last updates:

Not today - August 21, 2017. 23:45AM

*Personal rant here, not that interesting*
Well I did say (in the first entry) that I wanted to be able to work in my workshop everyday for at least an hour for my own personal work and I have to write down whenever I have to use an excuse to get out of that work. Technically I did...(read more)

Productive night - August 21, 2017. 4:09AM

I've had one of these freezing week after two week of huge workload. I am trying today to get back up in motion and it ended up with drawing ideas at 3 in the morning. But I am pretty happy about what came up! First of all, I am sorry for the crappy image. It is 3.50 AM right now and I can't risk waking the boyfriend by using the scanner...(read more)

Prong settings this time - August 2nd, 2017. 2:52AM

Still alive, I assure you. Made a huge clean up of the workshop and casting equipment is in but not in place for use yet. This should be coming soon. My busy schedule doesn't get me much time for doing anything but I still decided to play a little today. I am preparing ground for some future collection...(read more)

No news, good news - July 31, 2017. 12:43AM

I assure you it's true. I do have a lot of work coming on my day job but I have been working in the workshop for myself too. I have actually been cleaning up a lot. I have new equipment coming in this week for the job, but I will ask if I can use for personal use too. Casting machines are coming in. This mean a vacuum+casting chamber, furnace and oven. This is exciting as it means that I will be able to cast...(read more)

Setting practice - July 27, 2017
Well here I am, following my goals and giving myself a kick in the butt. I wasted an hour trying to set up the camera then decided to go to hell with it and just work even if only for half an hour. I have been wanting to practice on some pave settings for a while now. Last time I did some, I was still in jewelry making school so I didn't practice this for at least 5 years... (read more)

Starting from scratch - July 26, 2017
I warn you, this blog is gonna turn more personal from now on. This is actually not the first time I am starting from zero. I am extremely good at starting stuff but not for continuing... (read more)


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