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August 21, 2017. 23:45 PM.

Not today

*Personal rant here, not that interesting*
Well I did say (in the first entry) that I wanted to be able to work in my workshop everyday for at least an hour for my own personal work and I have to write down whenever I have to use an excuse to get out of that work.

Technically I did work on my stuff today as I wrote an article at 4 am after spending more than an hour drawing down some ideas. But I had decided that that would count as yesterday so now I'm stuck as I can't spend time on my work.

Why then? Procrastination. Since I was up in the middle of the night I ended up sleeping most of the morning and then did everything BUT my work for the most part of the day. (Meh, that's usual) Then I had to spend the rest of the day actually working which leaves no time to work on my ideas.

Damn. I need to stop procrastinating.
Good night,
See you tomorrow with something I hope (I'd love to promise but it's a bad idea!)

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