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August 21, 2017. 4:09 AM.

Productive night

I've had one of these freezing week after two week of huge workload. I am trying today to get back up in motion and it ended up with drawing ideas at 3 in the morning. But I am pretty happy about what came up!

First of all, I am sorry for the crappy image. It is 3.50 AM right now and I can't risk waking the boyfriend by using the scanner. Second, please note that I am left handed, so to understand which drawings were first and which were last you have to read it from right to left.

I talked about making settings and moulding them. (Well that's done, not quite happy with the mold and I forgot to write an article about it, sorry) But I kind of froze this week realizing I didn't had any drawings of jewelry including these settings (talk about making something you don't really need). It's not actually true, as I may need them for my full-time job, but did it on my personal time anyway. But let's get on with what I drew tonight.

First I played with the settings, playing with different sizes and all (you may recognize a lot of Pinterest inspiration here). But where it gets interesting is where the red start showing.

I have a lot of enamel left-overs from when I bought my equipment (long story short: I bought a whole set of used equipment and had some surprises finding stuff in there that a didn't really need then but still have it). I have been wanting to use them for a while but never really found how. And I finally got and idea tonight. I love those minimalist tattoos ideas and I though about engraving little designs in wax (or directly in the silver, but I am more at ease with working with wax) then fill them with colourful enamel. I also want to add some stones and play with shapes, but that's the main idea.

Let's talk about risks. I have no idea if a little amount of enamel is gonna show something. Also, some of my color enamel need a base enamel under if applied on silver so I may not even have space to put the color after. This means some tests and hopefully no freezing on my part. I would like to cast some tests tuesday so I hope to have time to make some basic designs tomorrow.

But hey, this is still really exciting!

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