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July 26, 2017.

Starting from scratch

I warn you, this blog is gonna turn more personal from now on. This is actually not the first time I am starting from zero. I am extremely good at starting stuff but not for continuing. My problem is, I tend to freeze on ongoing projects. It's mainly caused by motivation and fear. Especially fear of failure. So whenever I get to a moment doubt in any project, I end up overthinking the problem. And instead of working the problem I just think about and freeze over it until I find the perfect answer.

Dboartis is my artist name. So I get the feeling that this is the place where I should start my journey of getting past that freezing and finally find my artist-self. So as a second warning, expect seeing loads of different styles as I try to find where I am going.

I have to start somewhere so I've decided to force myself to work in my workshop for an hour a day even if it means sitting there doing nothing. I am hoping it's going to overcome the freeze and help me get better.

I've just decided on another rule. Whenever I don't want to/can't work in my workshop I have to write and publish the reason why. Hopefully it will get me to stop finding excuses.

So what is going to be my work today? I am actually setting up the website so I can fill easily the blog. By making it easy to do, I hope to evade procrastination and freezing.

- Dbo

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